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Press Communication VacWood trademark
02/07/2015 16:17:51
Press Communication VacWood trademark




ConLegno, Consorzio Servizi Legno Sughero, organized for Tv4newood project the first edition of a contest, “A name and a logo for thermo-vacuum treated wood”, that took place from 15th March to 15th May 2015. The participation in the contest was free.


A technical jury formed by members of the promoting company Conlegno and by members of the partner companies in the project (WDE-Maspell, CNR/IVALSA, Ecolwood, Sweedish University of Upsala) evaluated at their own incontestable discretion all the 149 works received and they selected the ones considered most deserving and of greatest interest

Below the proposal choose by the Jury of the Contest:



Logo with pay off



The brand "VacWood" incorporates a number of peculiarities of the company representative. Visually it is used the metaphorical language of the pennant to show the concept of heat used by the technologies of thermo-vacuum; while for the raw material, namely wood, clean lines and graphic recall the rings of the section of a trunk.

The choice of name has focused on originality and consistency with the values, expressed in the company philosophy. "VacWood" encompasses both the identification of the scope business in question, both the sintering technology of vacuum heat treatment of wood, thanks to the Latin term "Vacuum". The European roots are present in both name in the text by "Thermo Vacuum Treatment for European wood".

The logo conveys the durability, reliability, and the beauty of the products it represents. The visual impact of relief toys in hand with the op-art and partly with sinuous forms of the natural wood. The contrast between black and red makes it more defined plot vein, but there are also a further two possibilities of color.

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